Legumes e Enlatados

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In Macro-Frio, there is a set of principles that form the basis of our position and performance. The constant consideration of all factors that determine the impeccable quality of products we sell. A wide range of products, which relate a common thread – the quality  of raw materials, the care of their production, the blamelessness of their presentation.


› Pickles
› Lupine
› Tunny fish
› Lard

› Chilli
› Cucumbers
› Sausages
› Snails

› Olives
› Mix vegetables
› Green peas
› Green bean

› Broad beans
› Sweet corn
› Broccoli
› Green and red peppers

› Brussel sprouts
› Pre –fried potato
› Chestnuts
› Traditional Portuguese cabbage (soup)










Latest News

Cortejo Histórico e Etnográfico - Festas de S. Miguel 2019

A Macro-frio marcou presença no Cortejo Histórico e Etnográfico, integrado na programação das Festas de S. Miguel, 2019
O eventou decorreu no dia 22 de Setembro, pelas 15h00, e percorreu as principais ruas da cidade de Tarouca.

We provide a wide range of products, which relate a common thread - the quality of raw materials, the care in its production and food security, the irreproachability of their submission.

The committment to quality