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The Macro-Frio company, is fully committed to the quest for continuous improvement of its service, organization and control of its entire chain of activities, in order to preserve the quality and safety of food products processed and marketed.

The objectives we set ourselves are:

  • Continually improve the effectiveness of the management system;
  • Promote customer confidence by implementing Quality Practices, Food Safety and Hygiene;
  • Guide the organization to fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001 NP and NP ISO 22000;
  • Provide with full security food  products, ensuring compliance with applicable Food Security legislation;
  • Ensure communication, both internal and external, information relating to food safety;
  • Involve all employees in the pursuit of success of the company;
  • Make a proper qualification of suppliers to ensure superior quality and food safety;
  • Manufacture food products according to market needs, seeking to respond effectively and appropriately to the requirements imposed by customers, also ensuring, throughout the process.



  • The continuous improvement of all company processes.
  • Expand and improve facilities to respond quickly and effectively to the demands proposed by our customers and production of new products.
  • Perform a more stringent selection of suppliers, in order to ensure maximum received quality of food products.


  • Verify that food handled, stored and processed, meet hygiene and food safety requirements for the end consumer.
  • Answer to customer requirements in order to provide food products with complete security and in accordance with the requirements of the customers.
  • Ensure total customer satisfaction, taking into account the continuous improvement of all processes.


Latest News

Macro-Frio aposta na inovação e responsabilidade ambiental

A Macro-Frio aposta na inovação e assume a sua responsabilidade ambiental e empresarial no que toca à transição energética. O plano em curso de transição energética da Macro-Frio deu mais um passo importante com o investimento em painéis solares. Esta aposta é uma estratégia que vem dar primazia ao uso consciente de recursos naturais fortalecendo assim a eficiência energética de toda atividade da empresa.  Deu um passo e tem na sua cultura uma dinâmica constante na aplicação de estratégias que fortaleçam.

We provide a wide range of products, which relate a common thread - the quality of raw materials, the care in its production and food security, the irreproachability of their submission.

The committment to quality